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Thrillvania Haunted House Park

Terrell Texas near Dallas Texas is home to one of the scariest haunted houses in America called Thrillvania Haunted House Park. Texas has many amazing haunted houses and Hauntworld fares and reviews of America’s most haunted attractions. Hauntworld can help you find hundreds of haunted houses in Texas and the US. Comprised of five distinct attractions and located on 50 acres of woodland just a few miles east of Dallas, Thrillvania Haunted Mansion Park is a world-class haunted attraction designed and built by the haunted house. Legendary visionary Lance Pope.

It is often said that a house can only be haunted if it has a story. And Manoir de Verdun has a pretty interesting story! According to legend, the Verdun mansion was home to the werewolf, Baron Michael Verdun, and his vampire wife, Lady Cassandra. This is the dark and twisted story that has led to the haunting of Manoir de Verdun and the nearly 50 acres that surround it.

What’s new at Thrillvania Haunted Mansion Park?

Think of some of the scariest urban legends in the south. An Alabama playground is known for entertaining the ghosts of dead children. Lake Lanier in Georgia. The dog at 65 Mulberry Street in Arkansas is wreaking havoc across the neighborhood.

What do these urban legends have in common?

Many of them are places where bad things have happened. And it’s no different from houses, which many believe have bad energy…that is, if bad things happened there once.Thrillvania Haunted House Park is no stranger to haunted houses. This 50-acre estate is home to three different haunted – and no less horrifying – attractions… all with their own unique history during the reign of Baron Michael Verdun.

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